Are we really, biblically, personally, following Jesus?

The black church has always been a great influence in the black community. From Negro spirituals in that were sung as we marched to out of slavery all the way to “we shall overcome” as Dr. Martin Luther King, a pastor who was concerned the greatest civil rights leader of our time. You see being a Black American I see how the black church influence can drive an agenda first hand. I come from a long line of clergy and by age 14 I was being ordained myself. Quite frankly this wasn’t a matter of wanting or not it was one of those things that were considered part of my destiny and not up for debate.
So the question is today if the Black church has such a great influence then why it doesn’t transcend when it comes to voting among Black a whole. It’s no secret that Black vote overwhelmy democrat as a whole. However you know it wasn’t always this way the first black people to be elected to office. The Democratic party blocked numerous civil rights bill every time they got the chance .
You know 3 days before Malcolm X died he wrote a speech and basically he tells black people any one that supports the democrat party is a political chump and is a sellout to their race because the democrat party is nothing more than Dixiecrats under a mask. He did the breakdown of who voted against civil rights bills and the majority wait for it ding ding you got it democrats!
One reason there is isn’t any consistency when it comes to voting because for so long it has been a tradition that black folks vote for the party because they were for us a people. Especially during the LBJ and Kennedy error they created what we know today as welfare. So we saw so many blacks get enrolled to the welfare system and for some reason it resonated with them. There has always been this notion in the community that we need payback for slavery. We need payback for being beat or our Ancestor having dogs sicked on them. We even have some deep within the community that still want their forty acre and a mule. However, as I tell them you can never pay back for that experience.
Religion, has always remained consistent when it comes to social issue though we saw an outcry when President Obama supported same sex marriage. The same President that once received 97 percent of the black vote experienced being called ungodly man.

So what has to be done for this to stop is the real question. I think connection has to be made but,it’s going to take work. The party has to be willing to put there differences aside and make the connection. You see they have to go the community and show them how much they truly are on the same team.


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